A partner in the Incredible World investigative team, SAM SHARP is a young scientist who will go to any length to uncover facts and learn the secrets behind some of the most interesting scientific “cases” in the world today. A mad inventor, SAM uses everyday objects such as coffee cans, bike tires and outdated appliances, to cobble together the devices that “help” the Incredible World office run. Always curious, impetuous, and eager to get the job done, SAM is a guy with a plan. Unfortunately, not all SAM’s plans are good and not all of his inventions function as they should. SAM sometimes needs his more serious partner, JASMINE to step in and de-scrambalize the scrambalization SAM has caused! SAM’s weaknesses include: his fear of heights, his fear of insects, his fear of serpents, his fear of rodents and his love of french fries!

Videos with Sam