JASMINE is a young scientist who works with great determination to learn more about the natural world around her. The other half of the Incredible World investigative team, JASMINE is a little more serious and cerebral than her partner, SAM. In fact, Jasmine’s favourite word is cerebral! JASMINE loves investigative work but is often a little more cautious than SAM would like her to be. On the plus side, rational JASMINE is not easily frightened. She is often called in to help when SAM is faced with one of his many fears: heights, snakes, rodents, insects. JASMINE has her mischievous side and has been known to intentionally place SAM in situations where he must come face to face with the things he dreads. JASMINE’s hobbies include studying the complete taxonomy of vegetables, collecting rubber bands and re- organizing filing cabinets!

Videos with Jasmine