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Frankie is a young investigative journalist who takes her assignments very seriously, particularly when it comes to saving woodland caribou from extinction. She’s a hot shot interviewer and never misses an opportunity for a new adventure, even when that means facing her fear of flying. Frankie’s willingness to dive into every situation gets her great stories, but sometimes that eagerness gets her in over her head. One experience she’s decided that she can definitely do without ever again, is eating lichen. Even Tanner’s pineapple-anchovy-bacon pizza is preferable to caribou food.

A pizzatarian and no lover of the cold, Tanner is, at times, a more reluctant investigative journalist. This is particularly true when assignments take him and his famous suitcase to places where he can’t get his favourite food. But once on the job, like Frankie, he is determined to experience everything. Sometimes his imagination runs away with him, but he’s always great at digging out the facts of a story. Tanner’s surprise revelation was that he loves the taste of bannock and moose meat; not even his favourite pineapple-anchovy-bacon pizza can compete with traditional Cree food.