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Sharing Our Habitat

Image of Various Habitats a Northern Loggerhead Shrike a Badger and the OIW Logo

A follow-up to our successful Woodland Caribou series, Sharing Our Habitat takes the viewer from the wilds of the boreal forest to the densely populated regions of southern Ontario. Each of the six episodes follows the adventures of Jack and Tabatha, our new Incredible World Investigators, as they go on assignments to root out the causes behind species becoming at-risk, and to learn what they can do about it.

Tabatha is overjoyed to be an Incredible World Investigator. Her passion is for exotic plants and maintaining her family’s pristine suburban lawn. Jack, an inner city teen and film buff, sees this as a great opportunity to make a horror film about wild animals that he is sure to meet. For both young people, this assignment will prove life altering as each is challenged to rethink their relationship to the wild and the places they call home. Assisted by their quirky video gamer friend Charlie, the two go on a series of fact finding missions, interviewing scientists, First Nation elders, farmers and others.

Made for grades 4 to 11, this informative and fun series brings to life the world of science and the importance of the wild in all our lives. And we have not forgotten the teachers! Along with each episode there is a comprehensive set of curriculum-linked lesson plans.