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Episode 1

Mission Possible

A fish jumps 8 feet out of the water and injures a fisherman. Tiny insects topple thousands of trees. Bizarre things are happening out there and it’s up to the Incredible World Investigators to find out why.

Sam and Jasmine’s first clue in the case leads them to the home of a young boy named Bobby. Why is Bobby crying? It seems his favourite tree is under attack by aliens – alien invasive species! The emerald ash borer is an alien invasive insect that chews trees up and spits them out. The investigators learn that when a species is moved from its home to a new region, all kinds of trouble can ensue. With no natural predators, alien species, like the emerald ash borer, can become unstoppable bullies.

But Sam and Jasmine are unstoppable too! They go to great lengths to learn all they can about alien invasives. From the rabbits that ravage Australia to the zebra mussels that muck up our waterways – alien invasives are everywhere and they’re on the attack. The investigators learn that one of the best ways kids can help solve the problem is to never release pets into the wild. So much for Sam and Jasmine’s plan to set their own pet crayfish free. Who knows? Those sweet little crayfish might have turned into unstoppable monsters of the deep!