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Species at Risk (SAR)

A species at risk is one that may become extinct if we do not take steps to protect it.

Even the smallest species has an extremely important role to play in its environment and in the overall health of the planet.

There are more than 500 plant and animal species “at risk” in Canada.

Want to learn more about species at risk and find out what you can do to help?

Play a Game:

Ultimate Turtle Survival Help your turtles avoid the hazards surrounding the wetlands so they may safely lay their eggs.

Watch a Video:

Mission Possible

Sam and Jasmine, the Incredible World Investigators, delve into the world of species at risk. Jasmine sloshes through swamp water to help track the threatened Blanding’s turtle. Sam sets aside his serpent phobia long enough for a close encounter with the Black Rat snake. The investigators introduce us to amazing people doing innovative things to help save threatened species. Learn what you can do to help!

Snapping Turtle The Common Snapping Turtle Scientific name: Chelydra serpentina

The Peregrine Project Project Release – Peregrine Falcon a Leeds County Stewardship Council project

Project Eagle Nest Building Nests for Bald Eagles a Leeds County Stewardship Council project