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Jennifer Shuter – Wildlife Biologist


Dr. Jennifer L. Shuter

  • Wildlife Research Analyst
  • Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario

Species Dr. Shuter Studies

  • caribou and wolves, moose and elk

Dr. Shuter’s Research Interests

  • the behaviour of mammals (particularly large herbivores), focusing on movement, space use and habitat selection
  • population ecology, focusing on the factors that influence the long-term persistence (or survival) of different wildlife populations

What do Wildlife Research Analysts do?
They are a particular type of wildlife biologist, who conduct research on different wildlife species. Wildlife research analysts try to improve understanding of how ecosystems function and try to apply what they learn to maintain the long-term health of these systems for the good of human life and wildlife.

Other wildlife biologists do many different things: some study the impacts of human activities and developments on wildlife (game species, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish), as well as the interactions between these species and their habitats; some carry out long-term monitoring programs that record how wildlife populations change over time; others may work on developing policies for protecting wildlife.

How do they do it?
Wildlife biologists typically spend part of their time outdoors collecting data on specific wildlife species. That could involve gathering animal scat for DNA analysis or placing GPS collar with tiny cameras on species to track their movements and activities. They also spend a lot of time in an office or laboratory analysing the data they have gathered so they can test different hypotheses they have about the species and what is happening to it. Based on their research, they write reports that include recommendations for how specific species and ecosystems should be managed.

Who do they work for?
Wildlife Research Analysts often work for governments, but they can also work for environmental consulting companies.