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David Beresford – Entomologist


Dr. David V. Beresford

  • Assistant Professor of Biology,
  • Trent University,
  • Peterborough, ON

Species Dr. Beresford Studies
* biting flies, blow flies, carrion beetles

Dr. Beresford’s Research interests
* stable flies as pests of dairy and beef farms, and insect diversity in the Hudson bay lowlands
* forensic entomology – studying insects that colonize corpses, such as blow flies and carrion beetles.

What do Entomologists do?
An entomologist is someone who focuses on the scientific study of insects, with most entomologists focusing on a specific type of insect. For instance, an entomologist who focuses on bees is called an apiologist, one who studies butterflies is known as a lepidopterist. Careers in this field can range from agricultural entomology to forensic entomology where they help with crime detection. The career possibilities of an entomologist are endless.

How do they do it?
Entomologists study insects, their environments, and their behaviors. They may spend time doing field work – collecting, documenting and classifying insect species. They also spend time in the laboratory where they may breed insects, analyse their behavior, and do various chemical and genetic testing.

Who do they work for?
Entomologists are researchers, teachers and consultants and can work for private companies, universities or government agencies.