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Grade 6

Our Incredible World (OIW) Series

The Our Incredible World Series is a multi-media based teaching resource that opens up the world and biodiversity to elementary school students and their teachers. Six video episodes follow students Jesse and Seka to make a case to save a local wetland habitat from development and possible destruction. The characters take classroom students through learning how to observe species in their habitats, recording sample data, classifying their findings, understanding the role of biodiversity, exploring the world of microorganisms, and to make a scientific case for the preservation of nature. With the leadership of their teachers, classroom students will complete lessons that integrates group work, research, observation, experiments, art, graphing, literacy, and numeracy activities.

Episode 1: Discovering the World of Biodiversity
Lesson 1- Learning About Wetlands
Lesson 2- Nature Loves Diversity
Lesson 3- Wetlands Work! My Home a Wetland?

Episode 2: Sampling the Life Forms in an Urban Wetland
Lesson 1- Acts of Stewardship
Lesson 2- Studying Life in the Wetland Zones
Lesson 3- Systems Make Things Work! Ecosystems and Neighbourhoods

Episode 3: Identification Practice and Understanding Classification Systems
Lesson 1- Together, We’re Unique!
Lesson 2- The “How” of Classification
Lesson 3- Getting to Know the Neighbours

Episode 4: Classification Practice & Learning About Microorganisms
Lesson 1- Spined or Spineless?
Lesson 2- The Biodiversity Graphing Challenge
Lesson 3- The Micro Neighbourhood

Episode 5: Understanding Adaptation to Specific Habitats
Lesson 1- Adaptability: It’s About Strength in Numbers
Lesson 2- Adaptations are Connections!
Lesson 3- Resilience: What if the Neighbourhood Suddenly Changed?

Episode 6: Presentation of Findings ~ Understanding Human Impact
Lesson 1- Deciding the Future
Lesson 2- Stakeholders and City Council: A Conflict Resolution Role Playing
Lesson 3- Celebrating Diversity: Neighbourhood Watch!


Additional Videos and Lessons

Incredible World Investigators (IWI) Series- Episode 2: Alien Invaders
Grade 6 Lesson


Additional Resources


  • Learn more about species-at-risk and invasive species and what projects young people are doing with them.

Kids Can

  • Find out ways to get involved in your community and make a difference in the world. Includes steps kids can take to make a difference and examples of projects other kids have done.

Incredible Games

  • Adapt-O-Pug is a fun and challenging game designed to teach young people about how species have adapted to their habitats.
  • Turtle Survival helps students get a real feeling for some of the many dangers turtles face as they make their way to and from their nesting sites.
  • The King Rail Challenge

Incredible Species

  • Video shorts that feature a variety of species including some species-at-risk.

Incredible Stewardship

  • Video shorts that feature acts of stewardship by concerned citizens, and dedicated community organizations.

Incredible Images

  • These are photos and video clips that you and your students are welcome to use (please respect our guidelines for use).

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