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Grade 4

Woodland Caribou Series

Frankie and Tanner are the new investigative journalists at the Our Incredible World headquarters. Their assignment is to learn about why Woodland caribou are at risk ,and what is being done to make sure they do not go extinct. Each episode provides a new adventure and new insights as Frankie and Tanner travel north to meet with research scientists, assist with field research, learn about Cree lifestyle, and experiences the high tech world of CSI.

This incorporates a set of 6 comprehensive lessons that tie the video story-line to the Ontario Grade 4 Science and Technology curriculum. It is a stimulating mix of science-based class discussions and activities and allow educators to integrate group work, skills-building exercises, research, experiments, art, graphing, data recording, critical thinking, and debating into their classrooms. They culminate with students creating a variety of assessment products including informational posters, graphic organizers, and project assessment reports. Our hope is that this resource will engage and encourage learners to feel connected to their natural environment and become inspired to advocate for a better world to live in.

Check Out the Lower Grade Extensions at the end of each of the following Lessons

Episode 1: Discovering the Slate Islands
Lesson 2- Interactions

Episode 2: Tracking the Caribou
Lesson 2- Raising Awareness

Episode 3: Sharing the Forest
Lesson 1- Competing Interests

Episode 4: On the Heels of the Predators
Lesson 2- Micropredators

Episode 5: Seeking Aboriginal Knowledge
Lesson 1- Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge

Episode 6: CSI to the Rescue
Lesson 2- Boreal Food Web

Additional Videos and Lessons

SAR & Aliens (IWI) Series- Episode 2: Alien Invaders
Grade 4 Lesson

Additional Resources


  • Learn more about species-at-risk and invasive species and what projects young people are doing with them.

Kids Can

  • Find out ways to get involved in your community and make a difference in the world. Includes steps kids can take to make a difference and examples of projects other kids have done.

Incredible Games

  • Adapt-O-Pug is a fun and challenging game designed to teach young people about how species have adapted to their habitats.
  • Turtle Survival helps students get a real feeling for some of the many dangers turtles face as they make their way to and from their nesting sites.
  • The King Rail Challenge

Incredible Species

  • Video shorts that feature a variety of species including some species-at-risk.

Incredible Stewardship

  • Video shorts that feature acts of stewardship by concerned citizens, and dedicated community organizations.

Incredible Images

  • These are photos and video clips that you and your students are welcome to use (please respect our guidelines for use).

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