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Welcome Teachers. Our Incredible World ( offers you free multimedia curriculum resources on the life sciences suitable for grades 4 to 11. The video series, lesson plans, games, newsletters/factsheets, and other resources are all designed with teachers, for teachers. They cover topics such as: habitats, ecosystems, biodiversity, species-at-risk, invasive species, and other related subjects.

Each series includes lessons that tie the video story-line to the Ontario’s Science and Technology curriculum. The lessons provide a stimulating mix of science-based class discussions and activities and allow educators to integrate group work, skills-building exercises, research, experiments, art, graphing, data recording, critical thinking, and debating into their classrooms. They culminate with students creating a variety of assessment products including informational posters, graphic organizers, and project assessment reports.

This website includes three separate video series. Each is accompanied by Lesson Plans that are designed for specific grades, and include extension lessons for higher and lower grades as well as multidisciplinary applications.


Discovering Wetlands (OIW) – six episodes with lessons that deliver the Grade 6 (Ontario) Biodiversity curriculum (filmed at an urban wetland)

Species at Risk & Aliens (IWI)– 2 episodes with lessons for grades 4, 6, 7 and 9 filmed on location).

Woodland Caribou – six episodes with lessons that deliver the grade 7 (Ontario) Science and Technology curriculum with extensions for grades 4 and 11 filmed on location in the boreal forest).


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