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Characters and Setting

Most of the live action for the Discovering Biodiversity series was filmed at the Macoun Marsh, a previously threatened wetland in the corner of Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, Ontario, rescued by a science teacher and his elementary school students ( The story of this marsh is just like the one in the Our Incredible World video series.

The Macoun Marsh is now an internationally recognized outdoor classroom for the pleasure of the community and for the use of educators and students of nature. This is a success story that could happen anywhere, and that we hope will happen everywhere!

Jesse is a carefree, guy who manages to have fun and stir up a little trouble wherever he goes. Jesse’s smart but science homework is far from his top priority. Initially, all Jesse wanted was a little help from Seka and Tabby on a science project. He never dreamed he’d end up doing massive amounts of scientific research to help save a wetland! Unlike Seka, Jesse is not a fan of textbook learning. He hates dull, dry scientific explanations. He needs to see things first hand. Luckily he’s spending most of his days in the best first hand science classroom in the world – the wetland. Sure, Jesse would rather be playing video games than filling out scientific data sheets, but ultimately he is thrilled to be spending his days surrounded by so many things he loves: spiders, frogs, snakes, bats and of course his best friend, Seka and his trusted pug dog, Scruffy.

Seka is a bright girl who is sometimes a little too serious and studious for her own good. Luckily her best friend, Jesse, is always on hand to make things lively! And Seka’s sister, Tabby, is on hand to get Seka away from her text books and into the real world of science – the wetland. Seka’s not exactly thrilled with the real world of science – too many creepy crawlies and too much slime! However, she’s not going to let a little slime get in the way of her goal of saving the wetland. Seka cares, passionately, about all the living things that need the wetland as their home – even if some of them are a little creepy and slimy!

Tabby is our fearless leader. A young scientist, with a passion for environmental issues, Tabby is more comfortable in a swamp than an office. Her current assignment is to study a local wetland slated for destruction. With the help of Jesse and Seka, Tabby gathers scientific data that will ultimately prove the wetland to be absolutely essential to the survival of hundreds of plants and animals as well as integral to the health and well-being of people as well. Tabby’s little sister, Seka, shares her love for science, but Tabby will have to work extra hard to convince Jesse that science is fun!

Scruffy is a dog, a Pug. He is as cute as can be. What else is there to say?