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Discovering Biodiversity Series

In Our Incredible World Jesse and Seka, two cool tweens, must do a science project on biodiversity. In the company of two scientist-mentors they discover that the slimy green world of leeches, algae, turtles, frogs and bugs in their high-rise backyard is actually a really cool neighborhood — home to thousands of different species. When they learn that the wetland may be destroyed to make way for a housing development they decide to help try to save it. By collecting, analyzing and presenting biological data, they manage to fulfill their assignment and help convince authorities to protect the wetland.

Throughout the series Jesse and Seka experience plenty of humorous adventures, embarrassing moments, strange nightmares, paralyzing fear, a few setback’s and ultimately many successes. In the happy ending the developer and the kids work out a solution that is good for the environment and good for people.

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